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From low vision rehabilitation to technical precision, magnifiers can improve your customers' lives, work and businesses.

Low vision

In the US alone, 20 million people currently suffer from low vision, a condition where vision loss can not be corrected by traditional opticals, surgery or medicine.

Helping the visually impaired to regain pleasure in reading, writing and having an overall enjoyable life is what the key motivation for magnifying optical specialists.

Focus on eye care and rehabilitation specialists is to optimise the remaining vision.

In doing so, visual acuity can be improved to 3 lines onwards on a visual acuity chart thanks to specialised magnifying opticals.


We distribute Eschenbach and Daylight low vision high quality products in New Zealand to support professionals in eye care in improving their communities optical health and overall wellbeing.


Find your product here or simply contact us more information on low vision care.

Technical magnifiers

Magnifiers are a key tool for many businesses across various industries.

From quality control inspection to small parts assembly and precision procedures, technical magnifiers have a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

Helping businesses to be more profitable by increasing speed in production, enhancing quality and precision, technical magnifiers come in different types to fit the purpose.

Ranging from hand-held to stand and spectacle magnifiers to telescopes and video magnifiers, Eschenbach offers high quality devices that can help industrial, medical and commercial professionals to improve the quality of their work and better their businesses.


Examples of some of the fields covered:

Agriculture, Scientific Investigation, Environmental, Collectibles, Restoration, Dental, Medical, Dermatology, Electronics, Graphics, Photography, Industrial, Jewellery, Gifts/Leisure/Recreation, Security, Retail.

High-quality lighting can make a huge difference to those suffering from low vision.

We distribute Daylight low vision high quality lamps in New Zealand to support eye care professionals in improving their communities optical health and overall wellbeing.

Designed alongside the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), the Daylight low vision lamp collection provides a colour-balanced, high output light source with a greater level of contrast.

Easily adjustable to exactly where the light is required and reducing strain on the eye, the Daylight lamps create a comfortable, improved environment for reading, studying or detailed work.


Find the product you need here or simply contact us for more information on Daylight lamps.

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