Designed to improve  your environment for reading, working and every day living in general, the Daylight lamps are an essential companion for those suffering from low-vision. 



This foldable and compact magnifier is handy for all detailed work you need to do. 

Easily adjustable to give you the contrast needed when your work requires precision, it makes it a lot more comfortable and less tiring on your eyes. 

With 3 LED lights to deliver high contrast and

accurate colour matching, a wrist wrap for extra stability, this Daylight magnifier offers the flexibility to work as you please.

It is battery-powered, the lens is 5.5cm (2"17) and the magnification is 8D (3,0X).





A modern and compact, all-purpose, lightweight

table magnifier providing 5 diopter (2.25X) magnification with a 12 diopter (4.0X) inset lens.

Taking up a small place on your desk but powerful

enough for working on projects that need close attention to detail.

The daylight LEDs provide high contrast and accurate colour matching.

Slim and foldable it is ideal to take anywhere you need.




Ideal to optimise your workstation or to improve your everyday life, this powerful, slim brushed chrome table lamp uses up little energy (5W) but delivers the equivalent of 155W in terms of bright light.

A must-have whether you suffer from low-vision or simply need support when carrying out detailed work, this lightweight daylight LED light ensures accurate colour matching and reduces eye strain and glare.

Ideal if you seek wide coverage, the long, adjustable arm allows even lighting across large surfaces.

Supplied with high quality metal clamp.



Ideal when you need light away from a plug,

this modern, portable and multi-purpose lamp delivers a battery life of up to 4 hours.

This lightweight daylight LED light delivers high contrast and accurate colour matching as well as low heat. 

Easy to pack up, transport and set up wherever you need.

Supplied with a rechargeable battery and USB adapter.



AN 1510/1520/1530

Available in 3 versions:

clamb, table and floor lamps

These slim, flexible lamps have a modern design and sleek finish.

They have 28 high performance, energy efficient daylight LEDs providing high light output over a large area.

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