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  • Writer's pictureMSO Team

  • Writer's pictureMSO Team

Forget the gloomy winter weather because we have an excellent reason for you to smile.

Stylish new frames have landed and they're ready to wow your customers.

Kaleos doesn't just mean beautiful in Greek. It also means noble, with a purpose and good. It refers to something that stands out for its beauty, its purpose and its quality. Exactly what this eyewear brand is about.

At the creative helm of Kaleos, design eminence Claudia Brotons combines experience, elegance, technological innovation and artistry to create frames that redefine modern luxury eyewear.

Highly comfortable and statement fashion pieces at once, Kaleos frames are the perfect accessory for fashion and design lovers who appreciate the fine things in life.

Call Mandy or email us at fast to discover the beautiful shapes and elegant designs she is storing in her trays for you.

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Minimalism lovers, rejoice, the new Kilsgaard collection has arrived.

Refined materials, clean lines, timeless design, the Danish brand knows how to create classic models that customers will love for years.

Perfect for those who like a confident frame but nothing loud, the range features understated, chic models for all face shapes and style.

Call Jason or email us at to discover this seriously cool brand.

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