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Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Wearing glasses instead of contact lenses may help you to touch your face less throughout the day, studies show. In fact, it is the healthiest and safest option for many frontline workers during the pandemic.

"Contact lens users not only touch their eyes to put in and remove their lens twice or more a day, they also touch their eyes and face much more than people who don't wear contacts", said Dr. Thomas Steinemann, a clinical spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

As everyone knows now, touching your face is a sure way to spread viruses such as Covid-19. While it is not entirely proven that the virus does actually enter the eye, if you touch your eyes, you are probably rubbing your nose or brushing fingers over your mouth too, so the risk to get sick is greater.

And if not Covid-19, other viruses, parasites and bacteria can easily stick to your conjunctiva, the thin, moist and transparent layer covering your eye. Prompting an uncomfortable, painful bout of pink eye. Ouch.

So what's the solution?

  1. Switch from contact lenses to glasses. It's a good time to try on a new style of frame - and get compliments from people on Zoom.

  2. Wash your hands. Ok, you may have heard this one too much lately, but it is your foolproof solution to anything contagious infection-related right now. So when in doubt, wash your hands again. And rinse them well so you don't spread chemicals into your eyes.

  3. Use soothing eye care wipes to cleanse your eyes. After washing your hands, obviously. We love Opti-Soothe Eyelids Wipes to hydrate, cleanse and soothe tired eyes. It's gentle on the eye, contains no preservatives and is very efficient with ingredients such as antibacterial Tea Tree Oil, moisturising Hyaluronic Acid, and a calming cocktail of Chamomile and Aloe Vera.

  4. Ask the kids to paint your hands. Yes, really. If you have time and want to have fun with your kids while teaching them about hygiene, this is a good way to show them how the virus spreads quickly. Ask them to paint your fingertips and do normal things for 2 minutes, like scrolling on your phone, picking up objects, whatever you normally do. You will be amazed to see how quickly you spread it. Make the cleaning part a race so it's fun and done fast!

Keep safe everyone!

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While devices are a must for homeschooling right now, the increased overall screen time in the past few years has coincided with a rise in nearsightedness cases in children.

As children are not as self-aware as adults, here are a few tips to help them keep their eyes healthy:

1 - Schedule eye breaks

Use a timer to help them take charge and organise something fun to do during the break so they alternate close and distant focus.

2 - Check if they rub their eyes

It could be a sign that their eyes are dry and strained but also that they need an eye check once we are out of lockdown.

3 - Check the set up of their workstation

Is their screen adjusted to their height? Is their workstation adapted to their body size? Ensuring their workstation is ergonomic also means they avoid posture issues.

4 - Teach them the 20-20-20 rule as a game

Every 20 minutes, the timer goes off and they have to focus on an object for 20 seconds.

Make it fun by adding music and using toys they love.

5 - Plan some outdoors activities

At this time of the year, the light is soft and more relaxing on their eyes. It's a good way to relieve some visual fatigue after an online class - or a video game! Fresh air and movement will help them release some energy too.

Good luck to all parents juggling working from home and homeschooling right now.

Everyone is doing a great job, stay safe!

  • Writer's pictureMSO Team

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

We have started 2020 with a lot of exciting news.

We are thrilled to bring high-tech, high-end sun eyewear brands from the Sunglass Collective to Kiwis. With many versatile styles, fit and specialties to offer, we are proud to represent Serengeti, Bollé, Vera Wang Sun as well as Avanti Sun.

Our fantastic MSO-on-the-go team is available immediately for new brands support and viewings.  

Email us at or call us on 09 849 3415 to arrange an appointment that suits you.

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