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Don't lose out on extra sales because your sunglasses offering is too narrow.

Instead get in touch fast because we can help you satisfy every customer searching for the perfect eye sun protection thanks to new brand additions to our existing sunglasses portfolio.

2021 is starting with extra trays of new sun goodies that will make the delight of your customers. From performance models for athletes to fashionable styles to upgrade a look, and from weekend cricket sun protection to daily commuting, we offer solutions to answer to everyone's needs.

The delightful Mandy is taking bookings to stock up your shelves with new models from Serengeti, Bollé, Morel Azur, Face à Face and Avanti Sun and the formidable Rae is ready to show you the stylish new models from Vera Wang Sun and ProDesign.

Simply email to secure an appointment that is convenient for you so you don't miss out on extra summer sales.

Extra news, we are also expanding on the MSO family front with the addition of the efficient and super friendly Lindie to our customer service team this month, so make sure to say hi.

It's not all but we have to wait a little longer to give your more news that you will love as we constantly strive to serve our Kiwi customers with the best quality products but also customer service.

Stay tuned - and keep these peepers protected from the harsh Kiwi sun!

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