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We love efficient, effective solutions at MSO, which is why we love Crystawash Extend so much.

This non-sticky (yes, finally one!) hand sanitiser kills 99.99% of surface germs and one application protects you for up to 24 hours, which is very practical for busy people - and kids.

How does it work? Simple. The compounded benzalkonium chloride and synergistic coating agent bond to your skin to form an invisible, anti-bacterial and waterproof protective layer.

It's alcohol-free, which means this protective shield is also gentle to your skin. Good news as who wants 'Corona hands' - you know, dry, red, itchy and flaky?

We also love that it comes in two sizes, one large bottle for home or work use and one smaller size that is very handy to use on-the-go or to simply leave in the car.

What are you waiting for? Call us or email us at to stock up fast!

Keeping safe and comfortable has never been easier!

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