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What does the modern everyday girl want?

Softness. Femininity. Style.

But also good quality at an accessible price.

Millennial women are all at once quality, style and money-savvy.

When it comes to eyewear the perfect fit means the perfect frame shape for their face but also the perfect fit for their lifestyle.

Kensie has definitely understood this need and the result is an eyewear range that offers style excellence as well as top quality at an affordable price.

From classic shapes in classic colours to transparent and colourful frames, there is a style for every woman and... every instagram feed as the frames are definitely selfie-worthy.

The new collection is out so make sure you get it on your shelves fast.

Your local stylish millennial will thank you for it.

And if you take a selfie with your Kensie frame, make sure you add #makepretty to your post on social to be part of the pretty Kensie World.

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