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The pandemic has worsened Kiwis' vision. Practices around the country are reporting a hike in people pained by a reduced vision.

The culprit? Increased screen time.

Instead of having face-to-face meetings, we have have Zoom or Teams meetings with our colleagues, suppliers and clients. Children had months of school online, and, even after returning to in-person attendance, they still spend more time online for school than pre-pandemic.

It's not just work and school.

Fun happens via a screen too. 68% of Kiwis now unwind via a TV subscription channel. In fact if shops and cafés suffered during the pandemic, streaming services recorded strong results. Amazon Prime saw its subscription numbers grow by a whopping 77.5% in just a year.

Netflix became the destination where to forget about Covid worries, Sky provided sports fans some comfort when stadium and events were a no go, and kids were entertained by Disney Plus.

Needless to say the hours spent looking at a screen increased dramatically.

We are not even talking about social media, YouTube and GooglePlay.

One of the problems with increased screen time is that your eyes work hard all day - and night - long. Imagine being at the gym doing squats all day and all evening. Your glutes would feel rather stiff and you may struggle to walk and sit the day after. You would definitely need a break the day after. That's the same for your eyes.

While your eyes get some rest while you sleep, during the day, blinking is your eyes' coffee break.

Blinking helps to lubricate your eyes with the right amount of protective tear fluid. People naturally blink about 15 times per minute. However when staring at our screens, we do only blink five to seven times a minute.

This is when your eyes start feeling itchy, blurry and strained.

While those dry eyes symptoms can be relieved temporarily with eye care products such as Opti-Soothe Preservative-Free Eyelids Wipes and Moist Heat Mask or soothing drops such as Nova Tears + Omega 3 and with some easy adjustments to your screens and regular eye breaks (remember the 20-20-20 rule?), reduced vision requires extra support.

This is where Easy Vision comes to the rescue.

Magnifying tools such as handheld magnifiers, smart lamps and digital magnifiers help you with everyday tasks that have become harder. They help to reduce the pressure you put on your eyes. They make life with low vision, reduced vision and tired eyes simply easier.

There are options to slip into your pocket and high-tech solutions for precision work. There are lamps for your desk and others for your workshop or salon. There are options for slight discomfort and options for greater unease.

Every need finds its tailored solution.

We carry a wide range of products and devices to help you enjoy doing the things you love every day, so call us or simply email us at to find the Easy Vision solution that fits your life and answers your needs. Life's too short to see its best parts blurry, it's time to magnify your life.

📷 : Eschenbach Optik GmbH

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